Adam Mullins goes Reefing with Optrix

Adam Mullins ScreenWhen it was time to finally get a new iPhone, I was certain that I was not going to let my hard earned investment end up the way I’ve heard of so many others, either cracked, scratched up, or destroyed by water when you accidentally fall into a pool. Because I’m around saltwater all day, it was even more important that I get some protection.

PhotoProX is Perfect for Work

I own a saltwater fish store, The Mystic Reef, and having an underwater camera is an investment I’ve found I should have made a long time ago. The ability to get underwater right next to a coral and take high definition macro images really has helped my business by being able to snap a photo of a coral piece, and send it right away to a customer or post it to social networking sites for all to see.

I also write for Reef Hobbyist Magazine, and it’s always been in the back of my mind to get images published using an iPhone. Now it’s almost a certainty I’ll be able to accomplish this in my next article. The ability to dunk my camera into fish tanks means I can get some images that wouldn’t be possible any other way, which makes for some really unique, attention grabbing photos. The lenses really let me play around with the images I take, and were a major consideration when I was purchasing the case. I have to say that I’m very impressed with the quality and function of each lens.
Optrix Macro Reef

PhotoProX is Perfect for Play

I’m a very active person who loves snowboarding, riding dirt bikes, pretty much anything outdoors. Now that I have a PhotoProX, I don’t have any hesitation about throwing my phone in my back pack when adventure strikes. Add the fact that I now have a very capable water resistant camera, means that I’m taking more pictures than ever and leaving my bulky DSLR camera at home. I hiked Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii a year ago, and the constant rainfall forced me to keep my camera safely zipped up in a plastic bag in my backpack, and sacrificing many of the breathtaking sunrise images in the process. Never again will I let a little thing like jungle moisture prevent me from capturing that perfect image, or checking my Instagram.

Underwater Macro Optrix

Optrix in the End

Overall, I’m very happy with the PhotoProX and can’t wait to try out some video in the snow with the fish-eye lens. Finally my phone can keep up with my lifestyle, Thanks Optrix!

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