Enhanced iPhone Video Quality

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Action videos captured on your iPhone using the Optrix XD are better. Watch.

Optrix XD Makes the iPhone’s 1080p HD Video Even Better

Out of the box, the iPhone’s video camera is great, but with the Optrix XD video quality is exceptional. Combined, these two XD features capture breath-taking videos that truly reproduce your actual experience:

#1 – The unique sports action video-optimized lens of the XD

#2 – The free Optrix VideoSport App you’ll install to tweak the iPhone’s camera settings.

#1 Specialized Lens Just For HD Action Video

The Optrix XD includes an all-glass, three element, 175° wide-angle lens fine-tuned for capturing action videos on the iPhone. This lens adds context to your action video by including visual elements not captured with the regular iPhone lens.Optrix XD Wide-angle Lens
*Mouseover this image to see the “with XD lens” and “without XD lens” results.
photo courtesy of Abdul Hafiez

#2 The Optrix VideoSport App Makes Action Videos Crisper

There are many factors that go into video quality, frame rate, pixel count, focus, light etc. Today’s iPhone is an amazing platform to start with but with a few tweaks Optrix is able to make your action sports even crisper:

  1. Focus lock – The iPhone has a tendency to focus hunt while in motion which can give the video wavy appearance. By locking the focus VideoSport’s videos are inherently more stable and clear.
  2. Frame rates – VideoSport allows users to adjust the frame rate of videos which can greatly effect quality and the “speed” of an object (higher frame rate make motion appear slower but clearer).
  3. Pixel count – Shooting in 1080p can yield stunning videos, but if you want to upload in the field shooting in 720p or 640 might make a more sense.
“The crisp high quality HD video I have collected so far with Optrix is superior to anything I have recorded with a GoPro.”
– BikeRumor.com