Featured Story

Do you love your Optrix product and want to share your story with us and the world and get rewarded at the same time? Send us your story and if we like it, you’ll get paid! Here is how it all works.

Your Reward

Get a $50 Store Credit when your Optrix story is published as a Featured Story.

Get a $10 Store Credit when your Optrix story qualifies for consideration for Featured Story.

Story Publishing Dates

We publish Featured Stories throughout the month. Submissions are accepted at any time. Submit as many stories as you wish.


1. Write a story about you using your Optrix product following the guidelines posted below. Submit your Optrix story to us using the link below to the story submission form. You can read an example story from a real customer by clicking on the Story Example image on the right on this page.

Here are the requirements for the Optrix story you submit:

  • 500-700 words
  • Minimum of three images – Two are photos of the story topic, one is a photo of you (preferably with your product in hand).
  • Stories should be well written with your best grammar and punctuation.
Story Submission Form

2. After your story has been reviewed and it meets the story criteria above, we will send you an email with your Store Credit Code you can use in our store.

Terms and Conditions

All qualifying stories can be used for Optrix marketing purposes.
Store Credits generally expire after 6 months.
Store Credits might not be available for use on certain products.

Featured Story Example


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