GadgeTell: Don’t GoPro, Go Optrix.

GadgetTell Review

The Optrix XD4 turns your iPhone into an extreme sports camera, capable of capturing high quality, crisp video. Since I never leave home without my phone, I’m ready to film whenever, wherever, without hassle of bringing an extra camera.

The Optrix XD4 model comes with a super sturdy helmet mount and a rugged, waterproof iPhone case with built-in wide-angle lens. Optrix also threw in two pieces of mount adhesive, and a zip-tie to function as a helmet-to-mount leash (that snapped almost immediately).

Built for extreme sporting, the Optrix phone case is ultra-rugged and built to hold up against water, the elements and falls. I give the wide-angle lens most of the credit for the sleek footage the Optrix captures. Unlike other detachable iPhone lenses I’ve used, this one captures a clean 16:9 wide-angle without getting too fish-eyed. Some detachable lenses make it difficult to avoid adding fuzzy edges or round corners to the footage. The Optrix XD4 lens captures 175% wide-screen goodness.

Unlike shooting with a GoPro, the Optrix XD4 makes it easy to check your footage on the spot…

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