How to best use the Optrix Chest Mount with your Optrix XD4 & XD5

Here’s a quick tutorial on the best way to use your Optrix XD4 or XD5 with the Optrix chest mount.
Optrix XD Chest Mount

The most important thing is to make sure the straps are tight! The looser they are, the more room the mount will have to wiggle and bounce around. The less the phone moves while taking video or photo, the better your results will be. Remember that jarred movement while filming or photographing will drastically affect the quality of your photos.

Optrix XD5 Chest Mount Bundle

You’ll notice that the black plastic arm that your Optrix case mounts to can move up and down. The best position for the arm to be is all the way down where it is most stable. The higher the arm is positioned, the more leverage it has and will want to bounce if you’re going over bumpy terrain. Keep the arm low to keep your footage smooth and pretty. When you attach your phone, you’ll most likely want to position it all the way back but it isn’t as crucial. This provides the best viewing angle especially if you’re using it while riding motorcycles or mountain bikes. You can use some trial and error if necessary to get the best viewing angle for your footage.

Optrix XD5 Chest Mount Bundle

That’s a quick and dirty tutorial on the best way to use your Optrix Chest Mount for XD4 and XD5. Feel free to comment below if you have any additional tips or tricks. As always, make sure to send us your footage and if we like it, you could be featured on our website!