iPhone 5s: The Camera Upgrades You Need To Know About

iPhoneography expert and Optrix Inc founder John Willenborg weighs in on why the new iPhone 5s camera updates are game changing.

“The camera is the most-requested part based on nearly everyone I speak to…” – Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President Apple Inc

Interview with Willenborg about the new iPhone Camera

Interviewer: Why the focus on camera?

Willenborg: “More photos are taken everyday with the iPhone than any other device.
Phil Schiller even said it is the most requested upgrade by customers. Great cameras sell iPhones, it’s just that simple.”

Interviewer: What is the most interesting new camera feature?

Willenborg: “At Optrix we have loved burst photography for years but it has been all third party apps. The iPhone 5s new burst-photo mode allows the camera to take multiple shots per second, giving users full resolution photos of high-speed action. Users will now have crystal-clear shots of the perfect moment of action: a baseball bat making contact with a ball, a child mid-backflip on a trampoline, or someone jumping into a lake.”

An example of Photoburst done with iPhone 5

Interviewer: What about 120 frames-per-second slow motion?

Willenborg: “64 bit processor with 120 fps is a GoPro Black killer. The point-and-shoot camera is dead thanks to the iPhone, and now the iPhone 5s is going to become one of the most powerful sports cameras available. Pretty incredible stuff from your iPhone. “

“Overall, this isn’t an iPhone 5s camera update; it is a complete overhaul. Apple knows that photography sells iPhones. Our company exists because the iPhone camera is so simple and the results so stunning. To see them raise the bar like this on the iPhone 5s camera, something that most people use everyday, is fantastic.”

Here is a video of what will be possible with the new iPhone 5s.