iPhoneography – Capture Your Summer Adventures with Your iPhone Camera

summer-iphoneography-underwaterThe very essence of summer is the many memories that are created as we have fun hanging out with our family and friends. For this reason, it only makes sense that summer should be memorialized in pictures. The best tool you can use to capture your summer fun is without question the iPhone. This practice of visually documenting your various summer adventures with your iPhone is but one example of the world of iPhone photography, more famously known as “iPhoneography“. Since the iPhone offers so many cool features and versatile photography apps for the shutterbug in all of us, we can feel free to capture our favorite summer moments, and then edit and share them at will.

Maybe you want to document your various stops along an epic road trip. Maybe you want to showcase some of the cool things that you did while you were hanging with that family member that you don’t ever get a chance to see but once every summer. Or, maybe you want to make a photo journal highlighting the sweet progression of a summer romance. Whatever the occasion may be, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer fun, and you will not want to miss one moment of it; after all, you never quite know when the perfect photo-op will present itself.

One thing that iPhoneographers share is their love of pictures as a form of storytelling. All of us seek to find expression and to tell our stories, whether overtly through mediums such as writing, or through visual mediums such as photography (or, in this case, iPhoneography). The iPhone equips photography lovers with plenty of tools and useful apps that make visual storytelling a cinch. Not only does the average iPhoneographer take advantage of the quality photo-shooting capabilities of the iPhone itself, but they also take it a step further by enhancing their shots with various filters and other editing tools provided by several photography-based iPhone apps. This wide range of available tools gives iPhoneographers a chance to flex their creative muscles as they document their summer adventures.

summer-iphoneography-jump-in-the-lakeWhether your plans include hitting the beach, whitewater rafting or even fishing in exotic locales, it is important that you protect your iPhone from potential water damage. Optrix offers waterproof iPhone cases that will keep your iPhone dry and safe, even at submersion depths of up to 33 feet. The Optrix PhotoProX waterproof iPhone case has received the coveted IPX8 water immersion rating (the highest rating possible) for demonstrating superior protection from water damage.

Another important distinction that sets Optrix apart from the competition is our commitment to using superior quality materials in our iPhone camera lenses. While other iPhone cases cover the iPhone lens with low-quality plastic, Optrix uses all-glass lenses, offering unrivaled clarity and solid protection from dust and other elements that can hinder picture quality.

With these and other high-quality Optrix products at your fingertips, you can enter the summer season with the confidence that your summer iPhoneography adventures will be well-documented. So go forth and have an unforgettable summer season!