iPhone found working after 82 days in the ocean thanks to Optrix case

Over the years we have heard a lot of stories from customers about how great our cases are and how the case kept their phone safe when (fill in the blank) happened. We love reading them all and love helping people get great footage with their iPhone in extreme conditions. This next story is right at the top of the list of our favorites. Australian kayaker, David McGregor was out in the Kawana Surf doing some kayaking and filming it with his iPhone 4 and Optrix XD4 case. Everything was going well until the mount broke and the phone fell into the ocean. 82 days later a beach comber found the phone about 400 meters down the beach line from where the phone was lost. The good Samaritan plugged the phone in, booted it up, and called David to let him know that his phone was safe and sound. Below is a video compiled with footage taken from that day.

David’s Testimonial

I would just like to say that I had been using the Optrix case with my iPhone 4 for about six months and loved it. It’s functionality was perfect and I need glasses to read now so found it so much easier to see and use than other action cameras. Video quality with your lens is amazing and as far as robustness and waterproofing goes, well, 82 days lost in the surf is testament to that. I am writing this on that iPhone! As the old saying goes I think the Optrix XD4 is the “Duck’s Nuts”
Dave McGregor

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