iPhone with Professional-Grade Photography Lenses

Professional Grade Optics For iPhone

With Optrix pro-grade lenses you can shoot DSLR quality images with the iPhone you already own.

Optrix lenses uses all glass elements assembled in a clean room as a sinle unit. This insures an optically clear and dust free lens. Unlinke other lens products we custom engineer each lens specifically for the iPhone to ensure the best possible images.

165˚ Wide-Angle Lens

The wide-angle 165˚ lens is designed to get as much action in frame as possible without distortion. A flat exterior element means underwater shots are even crisp and not fuzzy.

Great For: Action Video, sports photography, crisp underwater images

Telephoto 2x Lens

Adds 2x optical zoom to photographs. Zoom in while keeping a high pixel count (photos don’t look fuzzy).

Great For: Photos or video of distant subjects. Increases depth of field.

Macro Lens

Go beyond the human eye and capture incredible detail with this macro lens. See flowers, insects and everyday items like never before.

Great For: Flowers, plants and animals, artistic shots.

0˚ Low Profile Lens

Compact and waterproof, the Low Profile 0˚ is great for general outdoor or underwater use. Any environement protection with clean clear glass optics.

Great For: Beach, snow, underwater, general outdoors.

Fisheye Lens

This classic fisheye lens captures striking rounded images with amazing color and lots of light. Great lens for fun social media shots or videos of close subjects (filming babies etc).

Telephoto 4x/Portrait Lens

Adds 4x optical zoom to photographs. Telephoto lenses not only make distant images remain crisp and retain full resolution but also serve as the perfect portrait lens. This lens will give images greater contrast in the depth of field (something the iPhone struggles with). This keeps the subject crisp and the other items distant.

Great For: Shooting distant objects, childrens events (games, shows, etc), portrait photography.

Here you can see the difference in shooting with the standard iPhone and the Optrix Telephoto 4x lens. The standard iPhone lens is too wide for distant objects.

Portrait Images
In this example of a portrail shot you can see that only the subject (dog) is in focus. This image shows the greater contrast in the depth of field than a standard iPhone image.