Optrix iPhone VideoPro App

Record full race data and 1080HD
video with Optrix and your iPhone

Optrix XD5 for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C. Wide-Angle lens. Waterproof (33ft/10m) Drop proof (33ft) 4+ motorsports mounts

Charge in case

Full data is this simple:

  • Your iPhone
  • Optrix iPhone Case
  • Optrix VideoPro App

Instant Playback, Instant Share:

SmartVideo App

SmartVideo App Introducing the future of in-car video. With the Optrix VideoPro app you can overlay your videos with data from your runs. Speed, G-Force, Track Map, and much much more. All with just our app.

* With optional OBD II Bluetooth dongle (sold seperately) you can add additional telemtry right from your cars computer! OBD II equiped vehicles (~1996 on)

Mounts Anywhere

Mounts in seconds just about anywhere. Mount inside with our RAM mounts or step up to our "Super Sucker" mount. Pumping up to over 120lbs of force this versatile mount is perfect for exterior or 200+ mph mounting.

  • Roll Bar
  • Super Sucker
  • RAM Suction Cup

Optix Live Streaming Video

Stream Live In-Car Video

Ever watch the live streams of in-car video on TV and wish you could to the same thing during your club race or trackday? With Optrix and Facetime you can do just that. Stream live video from your Optrix to your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV in the pits. Friends can watch you race! Best part is it happens all over the cell network you already pay for.

Works With Your GoPros

Already have GoPro cameras? Over 70% of our motorsports customers us their Optrix XD with their GoPros. Put the GoPros on the outside of the car and mount Optrix XD in the cockpit. Start you GoPros with the iOS app then start recording data with VideoPro. Then edit it all together for an amazing video!

New Motorsports Apps

VideoPro brings live data to your motosports but the apps don't stop there. Run detailed lap times with Harry's Lap Timer. Control your GoPro camera outside your car with the Optrix on your dash

Top Motorsports Apps for Optrix


  • Harry's Lap Timer
  • Harry's Lap Timer
  • GoPro App

Buy Motorsports Bundles and Save

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For iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPod Touch (5th Gen.):

  • Motorsports XD5
    Roll Bar XD5 Bundle
  • Motorsports XD5
    Super Sucker Bundle
  • Motorsports XD5
    Dash Mount Bundle

Optrix Motorsports iPhone 5 Video Products:

  • XD5 iPhone 5 Motorsports
    Video case $99.95
  • Dash Mount
  • Roll Bar Motorsports
    Mount $39.95
  • Super Sucker Motorsport
    Mount $49.95

For iPhone 4:

  • XD4 Dash Mount
    Bundle $109.95
  • XD4 Super Sucker
    Bundle $119.00
  • XD4 Roll Bar Motorsports
    Bundle $109.95

iPhone 4 Motorsports Video case and Mounts:

  • XD4 iPhone 4 Motorsports
    Video case $79.95
  • Dash Mount Bundle
  • Super Sucker Motorsport
    Mount $49.95
  • Roll Bar Motorsports
    Mount $39.95

40+ Action Sports iPhone Mounts:

Ski, Surf, Skate, Sky Dive, Cycle, Motorcycle, Swim, Snorkel, Long Board...