My Hawaiian Vacation with Optrix

By Jerry Newsom, California
In preparation of going to Hawaii for a family vacation, I wanted to get a waterproof camera. I knew that I didn’t want to lug around my big Digital SLR camera or have to purchase a new waterproof camera or GoPro. I already had my phone so why spend so much extra money on yet another camera. I planned on doing some snorkeling, boogie-boarding, and mountain biking and wanted one camera that I could use for all of these activities. I had heard all about these Optrix cases from some of my friends and they had nothing but positive things to say so I took the plunge and ordered a PhotoProX with the Chest Mount as well as the Wrist Float. When the case arrived, the instructions tell you to test the case for leaks in a bathtub or pool without the phone inside. I did so and the case was still dry. Next was to try it with the phone inside the case. Talk about an invigorating experience! The first time was the hardest and scariest but the case and my phone stayed dry so I wasn’t scared after that.


When I got to Hawaii, the first thing on my list was to do some boogie-boarding. I had the Wrist Float on so if I crashed while riding a wave, I wouldn’t have to worry about the phone sinking and being lost forever. Fortunately, I didn’t have any major spills and the wrist float never came off of my wrist so we were in good shape. I managed to get some decent photos of the waves while I was out. I used the super compact flat lens because it works better underwater. The iPhone screen doesn’t work very well or reliably respond to touches underwater. Because the case allows you to have access to the volume buttons I was able to use them to trigger the shutter. I got quite a few great photos but this is one of my favorites.

Hawaii Waves with Optrix Flat Lens

Awesome Wave Photo Shot with Optrix Flat Lens

Mountain Biking!

Next on the list was some mountain biking! I had heard amazing things about the trails all over Hawaii and wanted to experience them for myself. The Chest Mount worked really well and the fish-eye lens that I used made it so that I could get more of the trail and scenery into the photo. I used an app called “Camera Awesome” to do interval based photography and set it to take a photo every 1 second while I was riding. My mountain biking skills are sub-par so there weren’t very many exciting photos but this is one of the “decent” ones.

Hawaii Mountain Biking with Optrix Chest Mount

Hawaii Mountain Biking with Optrix Chest Mount

While I was out riding, I came upon a very picturesque view of the ocean. I quickly swapped back to the super compact flat lens and snagged this panoramic photo of the North Shore. It was a beautiful day.

Panorama of the North Shore in Hawaii Using Flat Optrix Lens

Panorama of the North Shore in Hawaii Using Flat Optrix Lens


After I had my fill of mountain biking, I wanted to do some snorkeling. I had heard that there was a great bay on the North Shore that was perfect for snorkeling so that’s where I headed. As luck would have it, the tide was too low so I couldn’t do any snorkeling in that area. I ventured out to the adjacent area in hopes that I could see some beautiful underwater life. It was a bust because the waves were really big and stirring up too much sand and dirt. The water wasn’t very clear and there wasn’t any marine life to be seen. Bummer.

In the end, I was very happy with my Optrix PhotoProX! I was able to take the phone everywhere and I never had to worry if my beloved iPhone would be safe. The interchangeable lenses made it so I had the perfect camera for all occasions. While I didn’t use the Telephoto or Macro lenses while I was on my trip, I have been able to use them since and can say that they work really well. For the price I paid for the case and lenses compared to what I would have had to pay for an “equivalent” setup, I can say that the Optrix was definitely the way to go. If you’ve already got an iPhone, I think that this is a no-brainer. Get an Optrix!

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