Nathan McGranger’s Optrix Survives 4 Days at the Bottom of the Ocean

About a week ago I took my jet ski for a trip over to Palm Beach (NSW, Australia) for the first time. It is only about a 20 minute trip across the ocean and I was loving it. I had my iPhone mounted on the hood in my Optrix case, the same place we put it when we go wake skating and wake boarding, so I could time the trip and get some awesome footage going across the ocean.

Nathan McGranger Wakeboarding with Optrix
As I got closer to the beach I realized there was nowhere you could pull up with calm water, a wharf or anything. I came to the conclusion that the safest option was to turn around and head back. As I turned around I realized I had driven in when the swell was down and I was now looking at a monster set of waves coming at me! So instinct kicked in and I cracked the throttle and was going to attempt to jump them all before they broke and turned into a big wall of white wash. I jumped the first two with ease but the third one broke on top of me and threw me flying off the back of the jet ski. When I surfaced I realized that the jet ski was still running and was slowly heading towards the sea (I forgot to put the kill-cord on). So I started swimming my heart out trying to catch up to the ski before the next wave hit it. Lucky for me there was a break between sets and I had the time to catch up to it. As I got closer I realized that the front hood on the ski was totally smashed to pieces and my Optrix case and iPhone must have still been attached to one of the pieces! To make it worse my $950 wake board that was in the board rack was gone as well. Needless to say I wasn’t stuffing around looking for the items. I got the hell out of there before another big set of waves came. As there was nowhere to pull up and look for my belongings, I just took off on my trip back home with my head down.

Yesterday, (four days later) my girlfriend had a call from a random number saying they found a phone washed up on the beach so he took it out of its case, charged it, and this was the last number it had called. I thought it was one of my mates playing a prank on me and asked them to send a screen shot of the wallpaper (I only changed it the day before and no one could have this picture). Sure enough, he sent it through. Sure enough, he had my phone and it was still working!

Nathan McGranger Optrix

Nathan and His Lady

I knew these cases were good but definitely did not think they could handle 4 days rolling around in the bottom of the ocean! The best part was the guy saw the smashed fiberglass remains from the jet ski and the case was still attached! Your mount was solid and so was the case!

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