Optrix Global Distributors

Optrix is one of the hottest action sports products in the global market today!

If you are interested in marketing and selling Optrix products in your region, please contact an Optrix Authorized Distributor from the list below.

Country Distributor Name Website
Australia Meeco Sales Pty Ltd www.meecosales.com.au
Canada Platinum Platinum.com
El Salvador Grupo Extremo SA De CV grupoextremo.com.sv
France Infinity Import & Distribution www.Optrix.fr
Iceland Epli.IS www.epli.is
Iceland iSiminn Iceland www.isiminn.com
India Woodland Worldwide www.woodlandworldwide.com
Ireland TNS Distribution www.tnsdistribution.com
Italy L10 Trading www.l10trading.com/
Japan BELEX Co, Ltd. www.be-lex.com
Netherlands Ultra Outdoor Sports www.ultraoutdoorsports.nl/
New Zealand DIGITAL LOGISTICS GROUP LIMITED www.digitallogistics.co.nz
Romania QuickMobile www.quickmobile.ro
Russia DiHouse Russia www.di-house.ru
Singapore JMD Pacific
South Africa iKhambi IS www.ikhambi.co.za
Spain S-tream s-tream.com/optrix.html
Taiwan Deva Deco CO. Ltd www.devadeco.com
Thailand Tecqy Thailand www.tecqy.com
United Kingdom Peak-UK www.peak-uk.com/
United States EyeKandy Media and Distribution www.eyekandymedia.com
Korea Fun Shop Korea www.funshop.co.kr
United States KKJ & Associates
Scandinavia XIT Distributing www.xitdistributing.com
Philippines Sparga Asia www.spargaasia.com