Optrix Product Highlight – 4x Telephoto Lens

The Optrix product lineup is constantly expanding and evolving so it’s possible that we’ve come out with a new product that you weren’t aware of or maybe there was a classic product that had somehow flown under your radar. Maybe you had heard of the product but didn’t know that much about it? The Optrix Product Highlight will give each of our products it’s own time in the spotlight. This week we will be highlighting the 4x Telephoto lens for PhotoProX and PhotoX.

Telephoto 4x for iPhone

Last time, we covered the 2x telephoto lens (here) and this week we will be covering it’s big brother, the 4x telephoto lens. Just like the 2x telephoto lens, the purpose of the 4x telephoto lens is to let you take photos of distant objects without losing any clarity or resolution. This is achieved by using glass that is shaped for magnification but uses optical grade materials so your photos will look as clear and stunning as always. It also allows you to add a cool depth of field (tutorial on depth of field here) to your photos that you wouldn’t be able to do in an easy way.

Photo taken with Optrix 4x Telephoto Lens

Photo taken with Optrix 4x Telephoto Lens

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*Lenses for PhotoProX and PhotoX ONLY. These lenses WILL NOT FIT other products*