Optrix Product Highlight – CycleX Bar Mount

The Optrix product lineup is constantly expanding and evolving so it’s possible that we’ve come out with a new product that you weren’t aware of or maybe there was a classic product that had somehow flown under your radar. Maybe you had heard of the product but didn’t know that much about it? The Optrix Product Highlight will give each of our products it’s own time in the spotlight. This week we will be highlighting a brand new product, the CycleX Bar mount for XD5, PhotoX, and PhotoProX.

rugged iPhone handlebar mount is waterproof

Optrix CycleX

The CycleX Bar mount is very customizable in that you can view the phone in either landscape or portrait orientations and rotate it up or down so you’ll always have the right viewing angle. Now you don’t have to worry about your favorite app not working properly because your phone can always be positioned exactly how you want it.

The Barfly is both versatile and lightweight. The mount itself weighs only 55g while the case and mount weigh in at a slim 135g. Your iPhone just became the second most powerful thing on your bike.

Nasty weather? No problem.

Even if there is inclement weather outside you can still use your iphone while riding because the Optrix case is waterproof and drop proof. No more having to check the weather ahead of time to make a decision of whether you can bring your phone on your ride with you. Now you’ve got an amazing mount and a case to keep that iPhone safe at all times.

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*Fits all standard 31.8mm bars. If your bars are 26.0mm or 25.4mm this product will not fit.