Optrix Product Highlight – Roll Bar Mount

The Optrix product lineup is constantly expanding and evolving so it’s possible that we’ve come out with a new product that you weren’t aware of or maybe there was a classic product that had somehow flown under your radar. Maybe you had heard of the product but didn’t know that much about it? The Optrix Product Highlight will give each of our products it’s own time in the spotlight. This week we will be highlighting the Optrix Roll Bar Mount.


The Roll Bar Mount is a great accessory for people who do any sort of car racing and have roll cages or like to go jeeping out in the wilderness. The base mount will attach to any bar or cylindrical object that is 1.5″ to 2.5″ in Diameter. The customize-able arm allows you to pivot the phone in any position you want it so you can always get that perfect shot. Mounting the phone to a roll bar as opposed to the windshield allows you to see both the cockpit and the track/scenery at the same time. This allows for a really neat and unique perspective.

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