Optrix Product Highlight – Tripod Flex

The Optrix product lineup is constantly expanding and evolving so it’s possible that we’ve come out with a new product that you weren’t aware of or maybe there was a classic product that had somehow flown under your radar. Maybe you had heard of the product but didn’t know that much about it? The Optrix Product Highlight will give each of our products it’s own time in the spotlight. This week we will be highlighting the Optrix Tripod Flex.

Tripod Flex Mount for iPhone 5

The Tripod Flex is a very handy accessory for photographers and has many uses. Whether you’re wanting to take a group photo and not have to leave anyone out, do time-lapse photography, or just need to keep the camera motionless when capturing precision photos like the one below, the tripod flex makes all of these possible. (The iPhone Camera Remote makes using the tripod flex even easier. LINK )

Tripod Flex for PhotoProX

Because the legs can bend and flex but still remain stable, taking photos on uneven surfaces or varying in heights isn’t a problem like it would be with a straight-leg tripod of the same size. You can also wrap the legs around objects like tree branches or poles and get footage from different heights. When you’re all done using the tripod, you can just straighten the legs back out and put it back in your bag thanks to its compact size.

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