Optrix Product Highlight – Wide-Angle 165° Lens

The Optrix product lineup is constantly expanding and evolving so it’s possible that we’ve come out with a new product that you weren’t aware of or maybe there was a classic product that had somehow flown under your radar. Maybe you had heard of the product but didn’t know that much about it? The Optrix Product Highlight will give each of our products it’s own time in the spotlight. This week we will be highlighting a brand new product, the Wide-Angle 165° Lens for PhotoX and PhotoProX.

165 with Case

Optrix Wide-Angle 165° Lens

The Optrix Wide-Angle 165° Lens is an extremely versatile lens that works perfectly in a wide array of applications. The wide-angle view allows you to capture more action or scenery in the frame but doesn’t suffer from any vignetting. It is an all-glass, three element, 165° lens that also has a flat exterior lens that enables you to take underwater photos and video that are more color-accurate and crisp. You won’t find a more versatile lens anywhere on the market.