Optrix U – Five Reasons to get a remote control for your iPhone

Remote controls are a very handy accessory that you may have never considered. The folks over at Macworld.com put together 4 reasons why you should get a remote control for your iphone LINK. All 4 reasons are very valid and we agree 100% with them. In addition to those four reasons, we came up with a 5th reason to get a remote.

iPhone Camera Remote for use with waterproof rugged outdoor


The 5th reason is simply “Everything Else”.┬áThe Shutter Remote by iStabilizer is one of the best remotes on the market thanks to its compact design and plethora of buttons. In addition to controlling your media, activating Siri, activating the shutter on the camera, and using it as a remote for presentations, you can adjust the screen brightness, lock the device, mute the volume, and hide/unhide the keyboard. This remote is probably the most handy accessory you never thought about getting…until now.


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