Optrix XD4 for iPhone 4 & 4S

Turn Your iPhone 4 Into A Sports Action Video Camera

Optrix XD4

  • 175° Wide Angle, Optical-Grade Glass Lens
  • Waterproof, Impact Resistant Unibody Housing
  • Flat & Curved Mounts Included
  • Internal iPhone Sled Included
  • Safety Leash & Lens Cap Included

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Capture & Share Your Best Sports Action Videos With Your iPhone

Optrix XD4 Sports Action

Make sure to set playback quality to HD to experience the best video quality!

Transform your iPhone into a Ultra-Rugged, Waterproof, Mountable Action Sports Camera.

Wakeboarding with an iPhone and an Optrix XD is great summer fun!

Optrix Precision EngineeredPrecision Engineered

Optrix iPhone cases are 4th generation designs and the result of years of field testing, customer feedback, and countless hours of perfection-seeking R&D.

Our case designs and quality standards are so difficult to manufacture we hired the company that builds ruggedized laptops for the US military to build our cases. The result is an extremely well-designed product manufactured to precise requirements for durability and functionality.

Go Anywhere, Shoot Anywhere Toughness. Your iPhone is Protected.

Waterproof, crush proof and with a drop test iPhone survival up to a height of 10 feet, our cases use an impact resistant, custom poly-carbonate unibody design for the ultimate in protection. Because of this, our cases are lighter and vastly stronger than the typical “clam-shell” style cases on the market.

Waterproof to 6 feet (2 meters)

optrix-waterproof-330wFrom whitewater rafting to jumping in the ocean, Optrix cases are ready to go wherever your adventures take you.

IPX8 Water Immersion Rating

Optrix cases are designed and built to a rating of IPX8 which is the highest rating possible for electronic housings. The IPX8 rating means no damage to your iPhone beyond 3 feet continuous immersion in water –in fact, we’ve tested our iPhone 4 cases at 6 feet with no water intrusion.

10 ft Drop Test Survival

Optrix cases are designed and manufactured to withstand very high levels of impact. This means no damage to your iPhone even when dropped onto pavement from a height of 10 feet.

Optrix cases use an impact resistant, custom poly-carbonate unibody design for the ultimate in protection. Because of this, our cases are lighter and vastly stronger than the typical “clam-shell” style cases on the market.

When we think tough we think military grade. Bump, bash, crash, and splash with your phone safely housed in our poly-carbonate shell and rubberized inner iPhone sled.

Before you buy any iPhone case be sure to check the manufacturer’s spec for impact rating before it’s too late. iPhone repairs such as a cracked screen replacement can range from $100 to $200.

Mount ReadyMount Ready

The right mount is critical for capturing an amazing photo or video. That’s why Optrix offers more specialized mounts than any other iPhone case maker in the world. Optrix offers a superior photography and video platform.

Optrix XD4 Mounts & Accessories
Download the free Optrix VideoSport App to make your action videos crisper and more enjoyable.Also check out Optrix VideoPro –the only action video app that can add full telemetry data right to your videos.

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1) What devices fit into the Optrix case?

iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

2) Can I operate my device while it is in the case?

Yes. Optrix has a protective watertight membrane over the touchscreen that allows you to fully operate your device while it is safely locked inside.

3) How long can I record?

Recording time depends on a number of factors. In real life conditions we see close to an hour of HD recording time with 7GB. Therefore a 64G iPhone could record for up to 8 hours (limited by battery of course).

4) How long will my battery last?

Battery life can depend on many factors including temperature and age of device. We typically see 1-2 hours of recording time.

5) Can I use alternative iPhone cases inside the Optrix case?

Third party cases will not fit into the Optrix housing. Our proprietary sleds were designed to be sleek and sturdy enough to use as an everyday, light duty case, so use ours instead.

6) How Waterproof is my case?

Waterproof to a depth of 6ft (~2m).
Optrix cases are great for water sports (kayaking, surfing, wakeboarding, etc.) but are not intended for Scuba Diving. Optrix cases do NOT float.

7) What is the Optrix warranty?

Optrix has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and a 30-day money back guarantee with proof of purchase.

Optrix Lenses carry a 1 year warranty against factory defects. As the lens is constructed of glass, it is possible to break the lens when dropped directly onto the lens face. This is not considered a factory defect and not covered under warranty.