OptrixU – Creating Depth of Field

We are all trying to become better photographers and take brilliant photos that really make you go “wow!”. One way to make your photos look better and more special is by adding depth of field and using it properly. Depth of field is simply defined as the range of sharp focus in a photograph. Rob DePaolo over at iPhonePhotographySchool.com wrote up a great tutorial on what depth of field is, how to use it, and what apps are the best for helping you achieve it. Below is an exerpt on how depth of field is used.

Depth of field is not just a byproduct of your aperture setting, it is an important creative device in photography. For example, a shallow depth of field can be an essential component in portrait photography as it is used to blur the background thereby eliminating any distracting elements and focusing the viewers attention on your main subject. On the other hand, a deep/wide depth of field is essential in landscape photography when you want all aspects of the photo to be in sharp focus.

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You can read the whole tutorial by going here.

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