OptrixU – Getting to Know the New Camera in iOS7

Now that iOS7 has been released for a few weeks and everyone is getting familiar with the revised user interface and trying to find all of the new features, we wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about some of the different features that Apple has implemented and changed with their native camera application. The people over at Pocket-Lint.com have put together an in-depth walk through of the new camera and you can give it a read here. A couple of the more notable changes are highlighted below.

Burst Mode

“Users can snap photos in Burst mode by either holding their finger on the shutter or on the volume key to take a burst of photos as the action happens.

Once you’ve taken a Burst of photos you can then choose your favourite one, although iOS 7 will try to do this for you. To select the one you want, press Favourites, and then select the one you want to use. The one Apple has chosen is represented by a grey circle underneath.”

This feature replaces the old ability to prepare for a photo by pressing and holding the shutter or volume button and then simply removing your finger when you are ready to take the picture. Some will like this new feature better while some will lament it.

AE/AF Lock

“To change the exposure or the focus of your shot, tap anywhere on the screen and it will change instantly. To lock that exposure or focus (great for dramatic panoramas) press and hold on the screen until the square box “locks in”.”

Go here to read their more in-depth walk through.


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