Recovering data from a damaged iPhone

products-for-iphone5-thumbHave you got your whole life on your iPhone? If so, you’re just like everyone else. Photos, videos, text messages, contacts, notes and your Angry Birds saved game are all stored on that tiny device, and if anything happened to it, it would be an absolute disaster.

But disasters can happen, especially if you don’t keep your iPhone in a protective case. Don’t panic though because there are several “iphone data recovery” methods that will help you to get your data back.

First of all, prevention is better than cure. The best solution is to back everything up so you can access it if your phone is destroyed or lost. iCloud is the most popular solution and you can turn this on right now. Just go to the settings menu on your iPhone, select iCloud, then Storage & Backup. Turn on automatic backups there and everything on your phone will be securely saved on Apple’s Cloud servers.

icloudYou can then restore everything to a new device. At the setup screen on your new iPhone (you might need a Factory Reset if the iPhone has been used before) just select Restore From iCloud Backup. As if by magic, all of your lost data will appear on your new iPhone. Obviously, this is the best “iphone data recovery” method.

If you don’t want to use the iCloud service, you can always backup directly to your desktop. There are several free apps to help you do this but it’s also possible to use iTunes to save everything. Again, you can push all of this data onto your new phone and be ready to go. Make sure your iPhone is synced up with a computer to which you currently have access; syncing to iTunes on a new computer will wipe your phone.

Those are the easiest and most effective “iphone data recovery” methods, but they do rely on you to remember to manage your backups. What if you forgot, or you’ve captured a vital photo or contact number since your last backup?

Data recovery is possible but it depends on the condition your phone is in. If your screen is broken but the phone is still fully functional, then it should be easy to use the iTunes method described above to copy everything off your damaged handset, as long as you’ve previously synced up with your computer (remember, it will wipe the phone otherwise).

What if the phone is really broken? There may still be an “iphone data recovery” method available if the phone can boot to DFU Mode. This is your iPhone’s safe mode, and you can access this by plugging your iPhone into a computer, switching it off, and using the following button presses: hold Power for three seconds, then hold power and home together for ten seconds, then release Power button & hold Home until iTunes says it has detected a device in DFU mode.

If you an get this far, congratulations. You’ve got a live connection to your phone and there are many software suites available that will help you extract the data and copy it to your desktop. If not, then it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to recover the data by yourself. Speak to your local repair center to see if they can provide another “iphone data recovery” method.

Remember though: the best solution is not break your phone in the first place. Keep it in a sturdy iPhone case at all time.