Superior Camera Lenses

Optical-grade all-glass lenses fine tuned for iPhone.

The iPhone 5 features sapphire glass for its camera lens. It would be a sin to cover that lens with cheap plastic, but that is exactly what other iPhone cases do. Optrix offers commercial grade optical glass lenses. Use our lenses with your iPhone camera and the difference will be instantly clear, literally.

Enhanced HD Video

Optrix XD improves the HD video of iPhone by adding an all-glass, three element, 175° wide-angle lens to increase the field-of-view of the 120° angle lens of the iPhone. The result is a true wide-screen experience that is closer to real-life.

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Optrix Lens Comparison

Fisheye Lens

Incredibly popular, the fisheye lens of the XD5 allows you to add context and interest to otherwise normal photos.

Adds interest and context
Stunning wide angle panoramas
Wide-angle video
Incredible color contrast

Flat Lens

The flat lens of the Xpedition is perfect for underwater shots or normal outdoor photography and videos.

Great everyday lens
Low profile
Scratch resistant glass

Uncompromising Camera Lens Quality

optrix-precision-manufacturingUnlike most iPhone lenses that are glued into the plastic case, Optrix lenses are assembled in a clean room as a sealed unit. This assures optically clear and dust free pictures. It costs us more but for us quality comes first.