The Best Camera for In Car Video

If you would like to shoot an in car video when you are racing, the iPhone is perfect. Not only is it compact, but it has great low-light quality and better built-in stabilization than most HD cameras do. This translates into a more professional video without a lot of movement that takes away from the quality of your racing video. Because of the advanced technology that the iPhone sports, it is directly competing with HD video camcorders that have triumphed the market for years. Professionals and amateurs quickly notice the sharpness of an iPhone video and its ultra visual stability.

products-for-iphone5-thumbThe iPhone front camera has an extremely impressive VGA quality video filming at 30 frames per second. This allows those who are looking to shoot the front action in their car to take a high quality video with better clarity, stability and smoothness. Whether you would like to film an in car video for fun or if you are a professional driver, the iPhone can handle it with ease.

Even while running, the iPhone the video will not jump around too much. This means that bumps and quick turns when you are driving will be easy for the iPhone to handle. Also, deciding when to shoot a video is always important unless you are indoors. With the iPhone’s low light capabilities, shooting a video either indoors or at dusk will give you a high quality product.

When you are finished shooting your video, editing is easy on the fly. Whether you prefer to use the iPhone’s editing which allows you to delete unwanted frames or use iMovie, editing is a breeze. In addition, after shooting your video, you can auto-compress it and upload it to for your followers to see or send it as a .mov in an email. You can even shoot an entire race. One hour of video will only take up 4.7 GB of storage on your iPhone.

The iPhone is truly the perfect choice for in car videos whether you are recording autocross, formula racing, drag racing, K1 karting, or NASCAR.