The right waterproof iPhone case will protect you from disaster

We take them for granted, but smartphones and in particular iPhones, are something of a miracle. Never before have people had so much functionality at their fingertips: text messaging, internet, HD photos and video. They are incredible devices, but they are somewhat fragile. They’re especially sensitive to water damage, and many’s the time that someone has found themselves standing over a stream or pool, wondering why Apple don’t make a waterproof iPhone.

Water damage can sometimes constitute a breach of warranty and many insurance providers specifically exclude water damage from their terms of coverage. That means that if your phone gets wet, you could be left with the bill for repairing or replacing your handset. With iPhones retailing at up to $850, that’s a pretty big bill you’ll be facing.

That’s why it’s so important to get a really good waterproof iPhone case and keep your iPhone in it when you are engaged in water activities. There are water-resistant cases on the market and they will give you only limited protection against minor exposure to liquids, such as splashes or spilling a drink on your handset. To be truly protected, you need a fully waterproof iPhone. A waterproof protective case will ensure that absolutely no liquids can get into your phone, ever.

A smashed screen can be replaced, but water damage is fatal. A good waterproof case means that this will never happen to you.