Ultra-Rugged iPhone Case

The Ultimate in iPhone Protection

Optrix iPhone housings are precision engineered and guaranteed to protect your iPhone. Ultra-rugged and crush proof with a drop test iPhone survival up to a height of 30 feet, Optrix housings use an impact resistant, custom poly-carbonate unibody design for the ultimate in protection. Because of this, our housings are lighter and vastly stronger than the typical “clam-shell” style cases on the market.

The Optrix ultra-rugged housing means your iPhone is nearly indestructible which is essential for your peace of mind –and for shooting sports action videos such as skiing, biking, skating, motocross, auto-racing and more.

Watch us run over an Optrix iPhone case with a 3-ton truck and drop it onto concrete from two stories up.

30FT Drop Test Survival

Optrix XD Drop RatingOptrix iPhone housings are designed and manufactured to withstand very high levels of impact. This means no damage to your iPhone even when dropped onto pavement from a height of 30 feet.

Before you buy any iPhone case be sure to check the manufacturer’s spec for impact rating before it’s too late. iPhone repairs such as a cracked screen replacement can range from $100 to $200.

Military Grade


When we think tough we think military grade. Bump, bash, crash, and splash with your phone safely housed in our poly-carbonate shell and rubberized inner iPhone sled.